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Thank you for considering MPD as your choice for a career. We are a world class organization proudly serving a world class community. Just as the county of Yuba and other surrounding unique communities are rich with history and overflowing with constant change and growth, so is the Marysville Police Department. We are building an organization of outstanding individuals focused on excellence in everything we do. 

We are looking for exceptional individuals to join our team. Individuals who are committed to working with their community in total partnership as we work together to improve the quality of life for everyone who works, lives and plays in our county. We are a diversified police department that fully embraces the philosophy of community-oriented policing and merges that with our primary focus of creating a safe and secure community. We are a crime-fighting organization focused on rooting out that small group of individuals among us who break the law.

Take a hard look at our organization: if you are truly committed to making a difference in people’s lives and looking to live a life of service within a high-performing agency in a community that loves and respects its police department, consider joining us.

We are a demanding organization. We strive to be the premier law enforcement agency in the Western United States and want only the best officers. For those few selected to join our team, we offer a benefit package including a seniority bridge for longevity and vacation accrual, educational incentives and the opportunity to work in every aspect of policing from crime scene forensics to being a member of the SWAT team, motor and K9. Come, check us out and see if you have what it takes to join our elite team of leaders.


Qualified candidates must be citizens of the United States at or prior to appointment, must be at least 21 years of age and possess the following:

  • Proof of completion of High School or equivalent.

  • Employment as a Peace Officer in the State of California within the last three years or graduation from an academy within the last three years.  Current enrollment in an academy is also qualifying.

  • A valid California driver’s license with an acceptable driving record.

  • Ability to perform the essential job functions as listed below with or without reasonable accommodation. 

Essential Functions

  • Ability to read and understand English language documents.

  • Ability to legibly hand-write accurate and grammatically correct reports.

  • Communicate effectively orally, in writing and using a police radio.

  • Operate a vehicle safely under various conditions, including emergencies.

  • Lift, carry, drag, pull and push objects of varying weight and size.

  • Stand, walk and run for extended periods of time over various distances and conditions, such as pursuing a running suspect through yards and over fences and walls.

  • Observe and recognize people, activity, vehicles, street signs and environmental conditions from a reasonable distance during day and night.

  • Not pose a direct threat to the health and safety of yourself and others.

  • Use only force objectively necessary to control situations and persons, including combative or fleeing suspects.

  • Operate a variety of firearms and weapons safely and proficiently.

  • Exercise good judgment in dealing with routine and unusual situations.

  • Learn and comprehend factual information, policies, procedures and rules, and use good judgment and discretion in responding to changing conditions in similar and non-similar situations.

  • Maintain composure and judgment during emergency or tense situations.

  • Refuse to participate in or tolerate unethical behavior.

  • Must not be subject to impeachment in court due to character, reputation, history of dishonesty, or violation of law, including drug violations.

  • Behave courteously toward others.

  • Take direction well from supervisors.

  • Maintain good working relationships with those encountered in the course of duty.

  • Accept constructive criticism and apply it to performance.

  • Be dependable in meeting scheduled assignments.

  • Perform related duties as required.


Physical Requirements

A qualified candidate must be in good physical condition with weight in proportion to height and build. 
Must possess no less than 20/100 uncorrected vision in both eyes, correctable to 20/50 in both eyes and possess the ability to discriminate color; and possess normal hearing acuity.

Compensation & Benefits

Salary Range: $5162.23 - $6274.72

The city offers a comprehensive benefits package including:

  • Seniority Bridge for Vacation & Longevity accrual

  • Shift Differential

  • Take home patrol vehicle for sworn employees within 15 miles of the city.

  • 5% bachelor's degree Education Incentive

  • Associate's degree Incentive Pay

  • 5% Detectives & FTO Incentive Pay

  • 2.5% SRO & SWAT Incentive Pay

  • OIC Pay

  • 2.5% K-9 Incentive, plus additional pay for care and training

  • Bilingual Pay

  • POST Certificate Incentive Pay up to 5%.

  • Court Appearance Time

  • Longevity Pay 10% max over 25 years.

  • $1000/yr Uniform Allowance

  • CalPERS Classic Members: 3% @ 50 formula; CalPERS New Members: 2.7% @ 57 formula. Classic members pay the 9%-member contribution and an additional 3% of the employer contribution. New members pay standard rates for CA.

  • Deferred Compensation

  • Medical/Dental/Vision Coverage

  • Short- and Long-Term Disability

  • Life Insurance

  • Vacation Leave Bank  

  • Sick leave Bank

  • Holiday Pay

  • Standard 4/3 - 3/4 Work Schedule


Selection Procedure

The selection process may consist of an application screening, written test, an oral interview, interview by the Chief of Police, or any combination of these to establish an employment list. It will be necessary to pass a background investigation, as well as a medical examination, drug screening, and a psychological evaluation by physicians selected by the City of Marysville. The probationary period for this position is twelve months. Prior to appointment with the City of Marysville, it will be necessary to provide proof of United States citizenship or authorization to work in the United States. Lateral applicants are not required to take a written test.

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