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For all evidence held in which a person has been arrested/cited, we must receive a District Attorney confirmation that the case is closed on all defendants. Sentencing must have occurred for a case to be closed. In some cases, the District Attorney may not release items immediately, pending further investigation or appeals. Upon closure of the case and receipt of necessary releases from the District Attorney, an owner must pick up his/her property within 30 days. A friend or family member may not pick up another person’s property without a notarized release. 

Property that has been held as safekeeping or found may have a City imposed release fee. The city only accepts cash for the release. There is never a charge to release evidence.

To retrieve a firearm that is in our possession, you must first complete a CA DOJ “Firearms Release From a LEA” application. You can obtain the application from the CA DOJ website. You must bring the DOJ eligibility letter with you when retrieving your firearm.  You must bring a locking box  when picking up a handgun. 

In order to be helped in the most efficient manner, please bring your government-issued ID (CA driver license/ ID, military ID, or passport) along with your case number. If there are special circumstances regarding the pick-up of your property, please contact our office.

Evidence release is on Wednesdays only 9:00am - 1:00pm  (*Appointments made be made for other days.) To schedule an appointment for another day, call  (530) 749-3928.

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