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The terms of the most recently signed order must be followed. This includes terms of location, time, and other stipulations to which you both agreed. Failing to make the exchange or failure to exchange within the terms of the order may result in a violation of a court order. If situations change and the order is no longer suitable to one party, you must apply to have the orders amended. An oral agreement will not suffice for a violation.

We ask that you remember to keep things civil for the sake of the children. Handle disputes via mediation at the Yuba County Family Court Annex. Rarely will either party gain total satisfaction from law enforcement intervention in a child exchange dispute. A minor violation of terms is better suited for mediation and a reassessment of the terms. Major violations should be reported to the law enforcement department which serves the location in which the violation occurred.

Please watch the provided video regarding family court mediation and keeping the focus on the wellbeing of the child.

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