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State law mandates that all persons convicted of sex, drug, arson, and gang offenses must register with their local law enforcement agency. Each time an arson, drug, or gang registrant moves into a new jurisdiction they are required to register with the new agency within 10 days. Sex offenders are required to register within 5 days. If a registrant moves within the same jurisdiction, they are required to report their change of address to that agency.


When a registrant moves out of MPD’s jurisdiction, they are required to come in to unregister. The “unregistration” notification must be done in writing. Only residents of the City of Marysville may register with the Marysville Police Department. In order to avoid unnecessary delays, registrants should verify they reside within the city limits. 


For registrants coming outside of registration hours, you may obtain an appointment receipt to maintain compliance.


Tuesday & Thursday from 11am - 2pm

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