Structure Fire


Marysville Police and Fire responded to Sunrise Garden Residential Care on a report of a structure fire. The facility was mostly evacuated by employees of the facility prior to emergency services arriving. Police and fire personnel checked the facility in thick smoke and located one elderly person who locked himself in the back of the building.

Marysville Fire addressed the source of the fire, an industrial laundry machine, and extinguished the source. However, the dense smoke made inhabiting the facility impossible for the night. Due to careful planning by emergency services, an emergency operation plan was already in place. Marysville Police Chief D. Baker and Administrative Sergeant C. Sachs organized transportation to an alternative residential facility in Yuba City.

This transportation effort was made especially difficult due to the special needs of the infirm and elderly residents. Yuba/Sutter Transit and Jenny of Prestige Assisted Living volunteered their buses and assistance to help transport 43 displaced residents. This undertaking was successful due to the teamwork of community services and we are happy to report that no one was injured.

Officer J. Paul serving water to displaced citizens

Officer C. Engelbrektson honoring a photo request from resident Russell Stevenson