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An Introduction

August - 2013

Greetings to the citizens and visitors of Marysville,

It is with great honor and humility that I introduce myself today as your new Chief of Police. It is a position that requires a passion for service, teamwork, and accountability. It is a position that demands a leader with an open-minded, community-oriented perspective and a self-imposed obligation to do the right thing. I accepted this position with these things in mind and I am confident that I have the resources to succeed. I believe that my ability to serve as Police Chief is largely due to who I am. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself.

I was born and raised in El Dorado County in a strict law enforcement family. My father, Monroe L. Baker II was an El Dorado County Deputy Sheriff and went on to serve as a Captain for the small Idaho town of Filer. My Grandfather, Monroe L. Baker SR also enjoyed a long career of public service and ultimately retired from the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department at the rank of Lieutenant.  Due largely to our upbringing, a family passion for law enforcement was instilled in me and my older sister at a young age.  My sister, Khristine Baker-Scholtz, also went on to law enforcement service and is currently serving as a Sergeant for the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department custody division.

During my off time I enjoy spending time with my wife Leslie and two children Logan and Olivia. We love going on family hikes, boating, camping, fishing and pretty much anything outdoors related.  My children are truly my finest accomplishment in life and deserve all that I as a father can possibly offer them.
My law enforcement experience spans seventeen years and several agencies beginning with my enrollment and completion of the Butte Law Enforcement Academy in 1996. I went on the serve with the City of Placerville Police Department and the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department. While serving as a Sergeant with Placerville I was responsible for restructuring and deploying a highly trained, respected, and organized regional SWAT team in the Sierra foothills. I went on to broaden my experience through collateral assignments such as Detectives, Administrative Investigations, and department training Sergeant to name a few.

In addition to my seventeen years in law enforcement, I have been fortunate enough to compliment my skill set in other fields. I believe the business, management, and administrative experience I gained as Senior Vice President of the Patrick K. Willis National Collateral Recovery and Investigations Company will be especially useful in my current endeavor. During this time I managed a large staff of investigators, negotiated large scale confidential business contracts with various clients across the nation, oversaw human resource efforts and supervised federal regulatory compliance associated with the collateral recovery and investigative industry.

I was hired by the Marysville Police Department in 2008 and served several months as a patrol officer until I was granted approval to continue my service as a Level-1 reserve officer, allowing me to maintain my passion for law enforcement while I developed and honed my skills as a private sector business leader.  In September of 2012, I was presented with an opportunity to combine my business management experience with my passion for law enforcement. Shortly after, I took over as the Support Division Commander and began to fulfill my desire to help lead the Marysville Police Department.  And now, I have the ultimate responsibility and the honor to lead and represent the department as Chief of Police.

My policing philosophy revolves, in part, around several concepts. I believe that law enforcement is not an entity that stands alone. Rather, it stands shoulder to shoulder with the citizens it serves and the city it represents. It is through this partnership that we forge a collaborative alliance and efficiently provide this necessary service the way we all envision it to be. I also believe strongly in the spirit of the law. The ultimate goal of law enforcement is to prevent and correct criminal behavior to better the lives of the majority of citizens and visitors who wish only to peacefully coexist. How we approach this curative action should be viewed through the collective vision of the community.

It is my goal to utilize my training, skills, passion and philosophy to provide you with the best possible law enforcement organization we can provide and with the professionalism and transparency that you deserve. There are very few valuable endeavors possible without hard work, dedication and time. Therefore, in this time of transition, I ask for your patience, cooperation, and help as we work together to forge a safe, secure, and prosperous Marysville.

With gratitude and optimism,

D. Baker
Chief of Police

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